Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Blast

Just got back from a weekend of fun and a couple surprises and have already managed to stumble over two jaw dropping art pieces. The first I discovered this morning and I must say its both funny and a possibly weapon with the weight of 3 pounds. I personally cant see myself wearing a replica of my head on a chain.

I buy a lot of my shirts at yesterday I didn't check the site and I am pissed. I love the watercolor effect on tees and this shirt while violent its just so unique that I would have gotten it.

And finally this is just a cool picture.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project Idea

My project for the final in this class will be a interactive lifecycled based game that will be used to describe the idea of a semantic web to new users. There will be 15 action points in the shape of a triangle (think bowling pin setup but 1 extra row in the back).

1: The start of the game will feature a egg that is growing in the middle of this web.
2: You click on the egg and get to choose between 3 character types (descriptions will be included)each character type will lead your journey in a different initial direction.
3: Each of the 15 stations will reveal a portion of the business plan and your hero may see changes as he passes certain checkpoints in his journey, at each station there will be three options to choose from which will then direct your hero in a new direction, you wont be able to choose where your hero goes your answers will do that.
4: When hero's returns to a previously visited station they will be prompted to choose one to the remaining two options. You can not revisit a previously visited station but you can pass over the top of it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Colored and expanded collage

Expanded and colored collage

Las Vegas

This last weekend I went to Las Vegas for my birthday. This being the freshest memory in my mind i'm writing about it. I stayed in a new hotel called Aria in City Center, its built by the same company that owns the MGM and Mirage. The rooms were amazing featuring floor to ceiling windows in every room and you got a bathtub and a shower in each room. The hotel was so high tech infact that I had problems figuring out how to turn off the TV a the end of the night because there was no controller instead a touch screen console that controlled everything in the room from the blinds to the temp and alarm clock. This was an example of technology making things much more complicated then they should have been.
All in all Vegas was amazing but I am really glad I dont live there because I didnt sleep much.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lil Wayne Inspired
Song Lyrics
Play on Words